Keeping the Excitement Alive!

by Marlon on January 24, 2011

Keeping the Excitement Alive!

Marlon's Sydney Bridge Climb... Keeping the Excitement Alive!

I once read this statement…

“No one is responsible for making you happy!”

Do you agree with this?

What do you think?

Think about it… “No one is responsible for making you happy!”

I agree with this statement.

But I must say, “It’s easy for us to get caught up in expecting our spouse, family or friends to say and do certain things.”

Maybe this is just the human connection for bonding that God has placed within all of us.

So I understand how we can get caught up in expecting certain things from our loved ones?

However, once you realize that you are ultimately responsible for your emotions, life takes on new meaning.

Every evening, I take 15 minutes to write in my journal, reflecting on what I PERSONALLY did to experience either excitement or joy for that particular day.

By doing this, it keeps me totally focused on being totally responsible for my happiness.

I encourage you to take time each day to reflect on what you’re doing for you.

Question:  What are you doing for excitement?

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  • Donna Maria Coles Johnson

    I agree 100% with the statement that no one (except me) is responsible for making me happy. I learned this early on when I put pressure on others to make me happy by taking me out on a date, calling me back, doing things I wanted to do … I love all of those things, but I must be happy first on my own, and I am responsible for creating that state of mind.

    Putting the burden on someone else to make you happy is a burden that person cannot carry. It is setting them up for failure and you up for heartache. I love the journaling aspect and how this helps me too. I have been using the Happy Tapper's “Gratitude Journal” iPhone app for this so I can do it quick and on the go as well. Great post, and thanks for the timely reminder!

  • marlonsmith

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback. It's so true that each of us is responsible for our own happiness. Once this truly resonates with your heart and mind, your life takes on NEW meaning! Thanks for sharing the iPhone app because to journal on a regular basis adds tremendous value to life.

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