Creating Lasting Memories

by Marlon on August 7, 2011

What do you remember from your childhood?

I can remember a dozen memories that are forever engrained in my memory.

I remember how my brother Sean and I would play a game of counting the most out-of-state license plates while we were on a family trip.

I even remember when my Mom would bathe Sean and I in the same bath tub.  When I return home now, it’s hard to believe that both of us could fit in that bath tub together.

Jade, Cory & Dad creating a lasting memory

The reason that I ask what your childhood memories are is because we as parents have a responsibility to create lasting memories for our children.

Just the other day, I bathed Jade and Cory in the same bath tub.  For me, it brought back memories to how my Mom would bathe my brother Sean and me.  Now will this be a significant memory for Jade and Cory?  I’m not sure but one thing is for sure…  It’s wonderful to pause and be fully conscious to what’s happening right now in the moment.

Unfortunately, many people are so “busy” that they never slow down to enjoy the “moment.”  I encourage you to be intentional with how you are living life because once a day is gone, it’s gone.

Yesterday, it was raining hard and as Jade, Cory and I looked out the window, a thought crossed my mind… “Why not go outside on the porch and sitting on the rocking chairs?”

And that’s exactly what we did.

We just enjoyed the moment together on the porch.

It may seem simple but in so many ways, it was priceless.

I encourage you to create lasting memories NOW.

Give this gift to you, your children and your family.

So what do you remember the most from your childhood?

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  • Luvenlightens

    That is sweet! The image of sitting on a porch while the rain is pouring down, untouched, unbothered, in fulfillment is so peaceful.  Good for you for being a conscientious father. Parenting is so important. I think in the busy-ness and commercial age society making lasting memories is still a desire but in some ways shifted. As I was writing this comment, my puppy, yes I am an active puppy parent, reminded me that she too needs her attention. She came around the corner of my desk giving me a knowing look while stomping her paws. Coco Linda is very expressive… No denying her eyes were saying, “Are you on the computer again? What about me?” So before I tweet, I had to play a little game of fetch. Its the little things that make her happy… and ultimately, me too.  All the best!

  • Marlon

    I truly appreciate you sharing your insights.  I can envision you and Coco Linda spending quality time together.  Let's continue to “BE IN THE MOMENT” because life is precious with each moment.

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