Is it Just Me Or is Time Moving Faster?

by Marlon on April 13, 2012

What’s Happening With Time?

Does it feel like time is moving faster and faster each day?

Time is rolling!... Are you keeping up?

Think about it… Today is Friday, April 13, 2012 and it was 104 days ago when we were just getting ready to bring in the NEW year on December 31st!

104 days ago!

And before we know it, summer will be here!


So what are you doing to maximize your time?

I ask because TIME is most precious!

Tomorrow is not promised so let’s you and I be more focused on spending our time wisely.

Do you agree that our RELATIONSHIPS are critically important to enhancing our lives and making life more rewarding?

I’m sure you do.  That’s easy!  But the real question is, “Are you living your life where you are making your relationships a priority?”

When was the last time you told your loved ones how special they are to you?

Was it today?

Was it last week?

Last month?

Ok, last year?

Or is too long ago to remember?

Within the next 48 hours, I challenge you to be intentional with your time and let at least 3 people know how much you appreciate them.

Trust me, it will be special to them and it will definitely bless you as well.

Do post your comments below to these insights or how people respond to you after you share your appreciation.

Let’s agree to no longer take time for granted.

Make the most of your life and that means MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR TIME!

The clock is ticking!…


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