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Are You REALLY Receiving My Love?

by Marlon on December 19, 2011

Why are couples having so many challenges in their relationships?

How can a couple be so much in love during their honeymoon and end up in divorce court?

Where is the disconnect?

These are some deep questions!   So what are the answers?  What do you think?

In my marriage, I’ve experienced a range of emotions… from love to disappointment to excitement to joy to anger to sadness to ecstasy to peace.

And there are times when Syreeta and I feel completely in love and then a few hours later, we’re having a “heated” discussion.

So what’s this all about?

The 5 Love Languages

This past weekend, Syreeta and I completed Dr. Gary Chapman’s “Love Languages” assessment so we could better understand how to give each other the type of love we are wired to receive.

It was amazing because I truly realize that Syreeta and I are “wired” differently.  And by completing the “Love Languages” assessment, we now have a better understanding of how we receive love.

For me, my top-3 love languages are:

1) Quality Time, 2) Words of Affirmation and 3) Physical Touch.

For Syreeta, her top-3 love languages are:

1) Quality Time, 2) Physical Touch and 3) Receiving Gifts.

Syreeta and I learned about ourselves and each other by completing this assessment.  For each of us, Quality Time is our #1 love language and we’ve realized that we MUST make spending quality time a priority.  This morning, we took a family walk and it blessed us.

So what’s your #1 love language?  And what’s your partner’s #1 love language? 

Do you know?

How will knowing your top love language and your partner’s love language strengthen your relationship?

Share your feedback.  Post your comment here.

Watch our next episode of “RELATIONSHIPS” TV, on Tuesday, December 20th at 9:00pm EST, because we will discuss this topic in greater detail.  Watch at:  Watch previous episodes and post your comments too.

Be sure to participate in our poll (below on the right column) to identify your #1 Love Language.  We are excited for you to share.

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Have you gotten caught up in the busy-ness of life too?

You are not alone! At some point or another, we all do!

Make a commitment today to get back on track.

Today, Marlon and I recommitted ourselves to our daily couple study time of reading Proverbs. This is something we started out doing daily early on in our marriage and truth be told even while we were dating. However, with our careers, children and various other responsibilities we sort of started ‘doing it when we could!” We asked ourselves, “How could something so important to both of us just fall by the wayside?” So as of today, this morning, March 1st, 2011, we have recommitted ourselves to reading Proverbs together as a couple every day just like we used to do.

There are 31 Proverbs. And so we read the Proverbs chapter corresponding to that particular day of the month. After our reading, we share our key insights and our perspectives with one another. We also share the takeaways we each had from the reading and discuss how we can best support each other in our new learnings and commitments.

Have you gotten “lost” in the busyness of life? The routines, the schedules, the moving from one thing til the next? Then going to bed exhausted only to wake up tomorrow and do the same thing over again?

Follow us along on this journey. In fact join us! There are 31 Proverbs and there are 31 days in March so re-commit to your couple’s time and join us today.

We realize with our busy schedules and our young children we may need to adjust the time but we are going to be intentional about the frequency (daily). When we are traveling then it’s by phone. See what works best for you and your schedule. Whether you are reading Proverbs alone or if you and your spouse (or fiance’) are doing this as a couple, you will definitely benefit from this. Plan ahead and schedule this time in advance. Be intentional, be flexible but most of all be committed!

Feel free to post your insights here on this blog so we can all learn from one another’s experiences.

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